7/23/2007 – Sphere of Hip Hop TV

Sphere of Hip Hop Banner

Today one of the my favorite websites just got even better with the release of a video section, Sphere of Hip Hop TV. And since I just spent a couple hours (way past when I should have gone to sleep) sitting here watching and listening I thought I had better share the coolness with you all. So, Sphere of Hip Hop is an online Christian Hip Hop magazine, mp3 site, store, and, as of today, source for hip hop videos. It’s where I buy the vast majority of my Christian Hip Hop (I just ordered three CDs yesterday) because they have a huge selection and the prices are super low, and they’ve always had completely free shipping! It’s seriously pretty amazing. You can’t beat that deal. So, check it out! (Click the banner above to go to the main site). I’m bobbing my head to it even as I type this. Okay, time to pull myself away and get some sleep!

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    David- I put up more pictures on my facebook of Wendi’s wedding! http://www.thefacebook.com (search for Kelly Joiner)

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