11/26/2007 – Fuel Crystals

Last Saturday Marcus and I hoped to go flying, originally to Sunriver (which would have been very cool!) and then as a backup plan, just down the valley to Albany where there is a Chinese restaurant at the airport where we could get some lunch and Marcus could get in some cross country hours. Sadly the weather was looking pretty¬†minatory for going over the cascades, so we just planned on getting some Chinese food in Albany. However, after Marcus pre-flighted the airplane and we got in and he tried to start it, it wouldn’t turn over. (He found out later that the fuel pump had gone out). We could have swapped planes and still gone up, but as he was trying to start our original plane we saw some ice pellets hit the windshield–a sign of freezing rain above. It was very brief, and wasn’t in the forecast at all, but it was questionable enough to cancel. It was really a bummer that we couldn’t go up, but it wasn’t a total loss. While Marcus was pre-flighting the plane I was walking around taking some photos, since this was a different plane than I had been in before; it was a Cessna 172SP, a fancier, newer model than the 172P we flew in before. I think Marcus first noticed the subject of the photo below and pointed it out to me–crystallized¬†fuel surrounding the fuel vent on the wing. Pretty neat looking.

Blue and White Crystals on the Fuel Vent of a Cessna 172SP

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    Nice Pic Tour

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