9/28/2009 – Summer Happenings

I guess I’ve been busy doing stuff this summer rather than blogging about doing stuff. That’s good I suppose, but I’ve been meaning to get some photos up to share what I’ve been up to with anyone who is interested.I finally posted an update on my garden¬†tonight, which feels good. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I enjoyed growing the veggies. :) So anyway, besides gardening a lot of my summer was taken up working hard(er than normal) saving up for and going on an amazing last minute trip to Costa Rica with my friend Ariel. I spent a week traveling around with her seeing the sights and then a week on my own staying with a wonderful Costarican family I was blessed to meet. It was a great experience. I’ll do my best to get those photos up before the digital media they’re stored on decomposes.

On The Road To Ostional

A few weeks after I got back I was blessed to be able to do another short trip with my friend Phil. We both really enjoy backpacking and wanted to get at least one trip in before the summer was out. We were initially thinking of trying to find a spot in Southwestern B.C., Canada, but after having a little trouble finding info and some pretty bad weather forecasts, we decided to head east over to Central Oregon. We ended up doing a three day loop at Diamond Peak, and it was definitely interesting. Again, I’ll work on posting the rest of the photos and the story, you know, hopefully before next summer.

me at one of the lakes on the first day

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    I call it “postard”, like mustard. In other words, vulcard (or “vulcan”) guys with pointy ears and double two finger divided hand signals. All that to say, our trip was rainy. I’ll probably not knowingly endure a rainy backpacking trip in the future. Though, we still had fun.

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    Doeg, ain’t it time for some updates. Goveg updates! I know, everyone is Facebooking and Twittering these days. No time for old fashioned things like blogs. Understandable.

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