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5/21/2009 – Weekend in Central Oregon + 2 More Starts

Last night my friend Phil and I got back from a long weekend over in Central Oregon. It was a really nice relaxing trip. Usually we plan a hike or backpacking trip for these types of weekends, but this was a little last minute. So, we spent most of the time just hanging out at his […]

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5/4/2009 – Potato Leaves Coming Up

I planted my potatoes, what, about two weeks ago. I didn’t really have any idea when to expect any green things to pop up from beneath the soil or what they would look like when they did. A couple of days ago I was looking at the bed and noticed a few little tiny leaves. […]

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5/4/2009 – Bed #2: Onions, Lettuce & Carrots

The forecast for last weekend was for rain all day Saturday and Sunday, but it was nice and sunny on Friday! So, I left work at 3:00pm that afternoon and stopped by Dennis’ Seven Dees Garden Center on Powell to buy some onion starts. I ended up buying three different types, whichgave me a ridiculous number […]

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