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5/4/2009 – Bed #2: Onions, Lettuce & Carrots

The forecast for last weekend was for rain all day Saturday and Sunday, but it was nice and sunny on Friday! So, I left work at 3:00pm that afternoon and stopped by Dennis’ Seven Dees Garden Center on Powell to buy some onion starts. I ended up buying three different types, whichgave me a ridiculous number […]

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4/21/2009 – Pythagoras and Potatoes

This past weekend I got my first veggies in the ground! On Friday night I cut my seed potatoes and set them out with a fan on them so the cut edges could scab over before I put them in the ground. Then I grabbed some graph paper and started to figure out my layout. […]


4/20/2009 – Started Eggplant, Peppers and Raised Beds

I guess I’m happy to say that this post is only about a week late–usually it’s more like six months late.  ;)  So, the Sunday before last I started some more seeds, some new ones and others that I had already started. I’m especially excited about the Lao Green Stripe Eggplant and the Napoleon Sweet Peppers–I hope they […]

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